OWLS seeks to create opportunity for Chicago’s most at-risk youth through scholarship, service, and the sport of lacrosse. Using inner-city schools and community centers as our access point, we provide developmentally positive options for students through:


Academic enrichment

Service-learning projects

Lacrosse programming

We address our participant’s unique circumstances and individual short-term needs within a structured team environment and provide the long-term resources needed for their continued transition to a healthy quality of life.

What We Do

Provide options for self improvement…

We are school based…

OWLS builds its programs around the school community and their specific needs. We identify a champion (typically a teacher or faculty member) to manage each site

LEVEL 1 Introducing an option
LEVEL 1 Participant

Learns to love the sport at an early age through engaging and exciting programming

LEVEL 2 Expanding on the option
LEVEL 2 Participant

Student begins to understand the connection between athletics and life components (scholarship, teamwork, career readiness, and emotional stability)
Participates in all available lacrosse programming, service projects, and baseline academic monitoring.

LEVEL 3 Adopting the option
LEVEL 3 Participant

Year-round participation in athletics, service-projects, and academic programming (steady educational, socio-emotional, and economic track)
Participates through HS/college graduation as a player or service learning volunteer