OWLS League program provides more than 150 grade 3-8 students an opportunity to enhance their lacrosse skills with a focus on teamwork. OWLS partners with schools in underserved communities to establish organized teams for regular practices, games, and competitive inter-scholastic tournaments led by trained nurturing coaches – free of charge.

The OWLS League program uses structured competition to draw parallels to other important aspects of life, exposing participants to:

  • Teamwork and teambuilding
  • Honor, discipline, and tradition 
  • Enrichment and enjoyment
  • Time management and persistent practice method
  • A healthy active lifestyle
  • Caring nurturing adults 
  • Social inclusion and a sense of self

OWLS Academy

The OWLS Academy program was launched as an extension in 2018 to provide year- round holistic intervention for the most active members of OWLS Lacrosse.



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