Sam Angelotta

Executive Director

As a teacher on the West Side, Sam Angelotta wanted to expose his students to a world outside of their neighborhoods. An Ohio native and former club lacrosse player at Indiana University, he first came up with the idea for OWLS in 2009, while he lived in Manchester, England and worked for the English Lacrosse Association. He started Outreach With Lacrosse & Schools (OWLS) in 2011, after he returned to the U.S., earned his Masters in Elementary Education and became a student teacher at St. Malachy School (Near West Side). He later became a full-time teacher and Athletic Director there, running OWLS programming after-school and on Saturdays. In 2016, Angelotta began working full time for OWLS in order to expand the organizational capacity of OWLS, and bridge the educational gaps for the students we serve. During that time Sam has overseen a revised program model , established key partnerships, and on-boarded essential leaders to support strategic growth .

Caitlin Shukwit

Program Manager

“Coach Caitlin” oversees the OWLS Outreach and League programs, while working with the Executive Director supporting OWLS Academy operations. Her objectives include managing communications with volunteers, participant families, and community partners while collecting crucial impact data on student progress. Caitlin comes to us after working full time at an experiential event agency supporting client services and project management while learning the means of event production. She hails from the great state of Missouri where she attended MSU while majoring in dance and public relations. A seasoned competitor in performing arts and gymnastics, Caitlin ultimately joined OWLS because she truly believes in the power of sport.

Lacrosse Development Officers

David Wildman
Cae Blackwell
Trey Mobley

Site Managers

Dionte Mandeldove, St. Malachy
Matthew McGuire, Mount Carmel