Thanks for your donation! Below outlines how your donation helps our OWLS students.

$25 | Cover insurance for an OWLS Academy Scholar for the year

$50 | Cover the cost of a small group tutoring session for three Academy Scholars.

$100 | Provide an Academy Scholar with a remote OWLS Virtual Training Program for 8 weeks – includes equipment, apparel, strength and conditioning coach, and lacrosse curriculum

$250 | Provide school bus for OWLS Academy future college visits.

$500 | Sponsor an Academy Scholar for a full year of programming including: tutoring, standardized test preparation, scholarship application support, lacrosse equipment, and enrichment trips

$1000 | Provides 10 Academy Scholars with a semester of the Ideal Student Workshop. At ISW students will learn the character traits, study skills, and scholarly habits needed to succeed in high school and beyond.


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